Delaware Mensa

Event - Games Day

On Saturday, February 17, the Kinders opened their home (again) and allowed a group of Mensans in to play games.  On this day, however, there was the added culinary event of a chili cook off.

As far as the cook off goes, Leah's cubed-steak example won hands down.

Essentially two groups playing: one played a railroad empire building game called Empire Builder™ (which Paul won [again]) while the other group played Trivia Pursuit™ and Clue™.

Railroad empire game players gamesday_070217_1.jpg (220255 bytes)
The railroad game gamesday_070217_2.jpg (203886 bytes)
Other game players gamesday_070217_3.jpg (201904 bytes)
Mmmmm, chili gamesday_070217_4.jpg (210563 bytes)
The Kinder Kittens gamesday_070217_5.jpg (198988 bytes)