Delaware Mensa

Regional Gathering 2013

The RG: our Seventh Annual RG, title "Superstition" was September 20 through 22, 2013.

The hospitality and games room, Friday night:
2013 RG Hospitality and Games

Mangesh Hattikudur on Mental Floss and Superstition:
Mangesh  Mangesh

Todd Chappelle (performing "I'm From Delaware"):
Todd Chappelle  Todd Chappelle

YouTube: Todd Chappelle sings I'm From Delaware

Hot Breakfast:
Hot Breakfast  Hot Breakfast

Ed Okonowitz on Superstition:
Ed Okonowicz

Maria on her trip to Cuba:
Maria on Cuba  Maria on Cuba

Barbara Anne Rose on Angel Works:
Barbara Ann Rose

Cam Smart on RVC2:
Cam Smart

2013 RG karaoke  Rene
2013 RG karaoke Rich
2013 RG karaoke Steve
2013 RG karaoke Diane
2013 RG karaoke Abby
2013 RG karaoke Maria
2013 RG karaoke Dom
2013 RG karaoke Steve and Maria (the usual photographer didn't take this picture [because he's in it])
2013 RG karaoke  Quartet: Linda, Diane, Dom, Rene
2013 RG karaoke Duet: Abby and Nate
2013 RG karaoke Mash-up: Maria, Cindi, Linda, Rene, Diane, Abby, Nate




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